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Hello there. Welcome to the ZoroxSanji
. This is a community that I basically did to gather all my
fellow homosapien species who loves to see Zoro and Sanji of One Piece getting
it on together.

Basically, this place is where we will be putting up everything that is related
to the pairing. Arts, Fics, Drabbles, Icons, Wallpapers, Doodles - just about
anything on them and most of all.. Just to have fun XD

Since this is a free community (meaning that anyone can join ^^), I'll do as few
moderations as I could so that this place will be warmer and 'hotter' XD.
Anyway, bear in mind that I still want some rules to be obey and they are:

1. Respect each other. No flamming or whatsoever. If you're not satisfied with
someone, say it out professionally and do what a normal adult would do.

2. When posting up artworks/fics/icons etc that doesn't belong to you, make sure
to give credit to the respective owner.

3. DoN't TaLk LiEk TiS.. Use proper English and proper spelling. Some people
just can't stand those type of talking/typing (one of them being me). Anyhow, if
English is not your mother-tongue and you're not very fluent in it, we
understand that. Just make your best effort to try and tell us what is your
basic point is. You can always use the spellcheck or go to dictionary.com if you
ever need to find some meaning for English words.

That's all I could think of at the moment, I'll add later

Rules in posting works

When posting up your works, I would muchly appreciate it if you follow up these

1. Subject:

Either put [Art] or [Fic] or [Drabble] or [Wallpaper] etc. somewhere in it.

2. Body

It'd be easier if you could put up this summary form.


Genre: (for fic)





3. Make sure to use lj-cut when posting big pictures or fics. I don't want the
main page to load slowly. Be considerate to all those poor 56k users ;_;

4. Warn people if your artwork contains NC17 thingy. We don't want to be caught
by our parents/teachers/colleagues/boss while we 'accidentally' browsing through
a pr0nish picture XD

That's all about it. I'll add later. But most of all. Enjoy your stay and
support ZoroxSanji

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