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ZoSan Meme
by (._.) (shiroikatana)
at December 5th, 2010 (01:16 am)

ZoSan Meme~

The meme
allbluechaser  created. I am finally posting mine. :D


1. First off, in your perfect world, who tops?

Sanji! I think the reason why is because of how I entered the One Piece yaoi fan girl society. I first started by searching for images of Zoro and Sanji together. I found them as pairings but mainly it was ZoSan (because that’s how I wrote it). After seeing Zoro looking way too muscular for my liking and Sanji extremely skinny with shiny golden hair and large sparkling eyes, I realized ZoSan was no-no for me.

Then I wondered, after I found out the terms, uke and seme, I should try typing in Zorouke (ゾロ受け) on the search engine. I tried and found the other way around which was more IC. The End.

Bonus follow up: Does it bother you if people write ZoSan ,for instance, but Sanji is the one topping?

No, actually I will be happier. If it was the other way around (the summary says, SanZo but it ended up as ZoSan) I will memorize the author’s name and to not check his/her stories anymore because it’ll probably be all ZoSan anyway.

2. Sanji’s Sexuality is?

I like that Sanji still loves the ladies but then quietly have some secret moments with Zoro (like Sayura Hachi).

Bonus follow up: If Kuina had lived would she and Zoro be in love and have a bunch of babies by now?

Hm, maybe they’ll be in love but I don’t think they’ll have a bunch of babies. Maybe one or two but not more.

3. Mpreg. Who carries the baby?

I read a few Mpreg stories before and I love when Zoro carries the baby.

Bonus follow up: Tell me the kid’s name.

If it was a girl I think her name will be Niji (Rainbow) and also because it sounds so much like Sanji. (If you know how to pronounce the Japanese number...) [Sanji = three o’clock; Niji = two o’clock]

The boy...hm...I can’t think of one.

4. Why do they fight so much?

They fight because it shows how much their ‘hate’ turns to ‘love.’ I don’t know but I heard a saying that ‘people who fight a lot love each other a lot.’

Bonus follow up: After they get together and have the sexings will that change the fighting scenario any?

I don’t think so. It might turn into a cover-up for the crew to show that they still hate each other.

5. What role does Nami play in their relationship?

Nami will be the encourager to Sanji and the blackmailer to Zoro.

Bonus follow up: How about Luffy?

Luffy will be the one giving the advice. I see Luffy to have the most talent in these situations because he hung out with Shanks a lot.

6. Who is bigger?

I imagine them the same.

Bonus follow up: Who gives the better blowjob? Why? How?


I think Sanji just because Zoro seems like he has talent only for his swords. Zoro might bite it off.

7. If they weren’t with each other, who would you pair them with?

Zoro will be with Luffy or Mihawk.

Sanji...hm...I used to like SanjixLuffy so I’ll say Luffy.

Bonus follow up: Is there a chance for those 4 to be in an orgy together? What would that be like?

(ZoroxSanjixLuffyxMihawk) That will be quite an interesting thing to see.

8. Who would they want to be the third in a threesome?

Luffy because the three are always grouped up together.

Bonus Follow up: Who would YOU choose if you could watch?

Luffy.  (good choice you two)

9. What is your favorite ZoroxSanji moment?

The Arlong arc, the Foxy arc, the Water 7 Den Den Mushi arc, the Thriller Bark arc, and the recent chapter.

Bonus Follow up: Which arc do you think has the most slashy moments between them?

I have to say either the Foxy arc or the Thriller Bark...then again, I really loved the Thriller Bark arc because I felt the close bond of friendship.

10. When in the course of their travels do you think it was most likely that they’d get together?

I will say...after the Skypiea arc because the name Sanji calls Zoro made me think of fan girl thoughts (Marimo-kun).  

Bonus follow up: Do you think they’d keep their love a secret on the DL?

Yeah, but the ladies (Robin and Nami) already know about it.


1. Do you write fanfic of a ZoroxSanji persuasion?


Well I do write SanjixZoro fics.

Bonus: Pimp yourself! Post link to your fic here:

This one was fun to write.


2. Have you ever flamed or been flamed by someone?

I have been flamed before.


I think I only flamed someone once and I feel bad for it.

Bonus: Was it deserved?

Yes, there were some things I agreed with the flamer since he/she wasn’t all ‘scream scream, yell yell, cuss cuss’ about it.

3. Is there a new fanfic you are currently obsessed with?

Livejournal - cuethe_pulse


Fanfic - Forever Bound

Certain Laws and Rules of Engagement

           Don't Mess with the Roronoa's 
           Zoro's High School Years 

Bonus: How about an older one you’re dying for an update to?

This one’s not really old but,  A Cook’s Recipe for Anger Management

  Cursed Creatures
 Lie to Me

4. Do you have a favorite AU you like to see the boys?

I like mostly anything: high school, college, adult, mafia, historical setting.

Bonus: How about a least favorite one?

I don’t think I have one.

5. Name a fanfic with great porn or a REALLY HAWT scene in it.

Memories♥ Chapter 21 especially 

Other one I read are...Japanese.


Sougayum's Ura Site

Bonus:How hot did it make you?

Very :)

6. What is the fanfic you’ve been the most emotionally moved by?

Memories by StarkBlack and Ghost of a Chance by Saber Shadowkitten.

7. Name a favorite fanfic or two that has excellent ZoroxSanji nakamaship but it technically not slash due to the author’s leanings.


Bonus: Name an FF writer that you wish wrote ZoroxSanji slash or pornz.

I don’t have one.

8. What is the most ridiculous or OOC thing you’ve ever read in ZoroxSanji fanfiction?

When Zoro is extremely buff and Sanji is extremely feminine.

Bonus: What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve wrote?

Will You Hug Me? and Zoro’s Surprise.

9. Any ZoroxSanji topics/kinks that really excite you to see in fanfiction?

Zoro with bondage or blindfolded.

Bonus: What advice or how-to guide would you give to Zoro/Sanji fanfic writing rookie?

Write something creative and out of the box and many people will flood toward your story.

10. What is a ZoroxSanji prompt you’d love to have filled? (feel free to link to a kinkmeme if applicable.

I have no idea.


Bonus: What would you give to see it done?

Extra Credit!!
Top five favorite Authors:
StarkBlack, Saber Shadowkitten, cuethe_pulse, Princess Darkcloud, Sherry Marie
Top five favorite Fics:
Memories, Ghost of a Chance, The Nature of Black, Forever Bond, Not Quite a Love Song


1. Do you art ZoroxSanji?

Yes. (SanjixZoro)

Bonus: LINK here!

I’m sorry but I don’t have any.

2. Give me a few of your favorite Slash artists.

Saruya Hachi, Shingyouji Tsumiko, kkkiss (I don’t know her name...)  , HOLD OUT!, omnibus (mainly LuffyxZoro ), and Porno Bach

3. What is your favorite Doujin and circle?

Uh...most of the above?

Bonus: Do you actually know what’s happening in that doujin or are you guessing?

I can read Japanese.

4. Link me a favorite pic of ZoroxSanji Genderbent.

*waves hand* I don’t have any.

Bonus: Give me another one, this time with nakedness or pornz!

*waves hand again* I don’t have any.

5. Link me a favorite pic of the two of them bloody or fighting someone.

Bonus: Now one where one or both are dead or near dead.

*frowns* I have one but it won't let me upload it.

6. Link me to a favorite dirty picture of them together.

F...favorite? *stares at her collection of pictures* ...hold on please.

Bonus: Now to another one you wouldn’t want your dad or boss seeing you look at.

Hm...I would say all but...

7. Now link a pic that bothers you in some major way and explain.

Hm, I usually forget those kinds of pictures.

Bonus: Now a comic about ZoroxSanji that makes you smile.

I like Uzuen. 渦炎

8. Link to a fanart showing at least 2 kinks of yours or a fav AU.

Bonus: Link to a favorite art you’ve done, a friends done, or if these don’t apply fav ZoroxSanji icon.

*tilts head to the side* I don't remember...

9. Link to an arts that was inspired by or inspired a great fic.

Every time I imagine Zoro smile, that's what I see.

Bonus: Link to an art you would love someone to fic about.

10. Now post your current favorite ZoroxSanji pic. Not a link. The actual pic and credit if you can. Let’s make everyone else want to do this by making enticing them with AWESOME.



Posted by: allbluechaser (allbluechaser)
Posted at: December 5th, 2010 09:52 am (UTC)

Very nice!

I really love their little girls name. I think that's the best one i've seen anyone put on this meme!

Wha!? What do you mean you used to ship Sanji/Luffy? They are still awesome! I swear!

Posted by: (._.) (shiroikatana)
Posted at: December 5th, 2010 07:38 pm (UTC)

Aw, thank you! :D

Long ago I used to look at this site where there was a huge list of SanjixLuffy comics but that person also had SanjixZoro. This site-I guess-helped me realize my favorite is SanjixZoro...or...Zorouke. xD

Posted by: cappuccino_bird (cappuccino_bird)
Posted at: December 5th, 2010 10:59 am (UTC)
Fluffy SanZo

Nice read!

ZoroxSanjixLuffyxMihawk would be so hot!

Posted by: (._.) (shiroikatana)
Posted at: December 5th, 2010 07:38 pm (UTC)

Thank you very much!


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